Metrics + Streaming Analytics + Interaction

= Monitoring Evolved

"SignalFx has scaled to support our massive volume of high-frequency metrics, and has provided us with powerful tools to explore and find critical insights in our data."

- Sam Eaton

Director of Engineering Operations

"We knew within 2 seconds that we had a problem, and rolled the change back so that we had all of a 10-second blip. SignalFx just paid for itself!"

- Weston Jossey

Head of Operations

"SignalFx provides an operational metric system for the whole organization."

- Stan Chan

Head of Core Infra
Symphony Commerce

"It has become the first place I go whenever we run into an issue."

- Andrew Denmark

CTO and Co-founder

Monitoring modern applications built on distributed services models requires metrics, streaming analytics, and live interaction with the data.

For every engineer.


SignalFx processes any metric at any scale at any resolution.

Streaming analytics

SignalFlow™ technology streams the results of analytics out as fast as the raw data coming in.


SignalFx enables real time interaction with data and analytics.