Real-Time Analytics

Perform computations as metrics stream from your environment. For the first time, see if an event is normal, an anomaly, part of a trend, or a threat to availability.

  • Analyze streaming data at ingest to eliminate latency
  • Compute sum, percentile, min and max, moving average, growth rate, standard deviation, and more with flexibility
  • Model down to the host, device, or any other relevant unit
  • Compile charts dynamically from streaming data
  • Monitor live data against historic trends in one graph


Why Analytics


Actionable Alerts

Get alerts on any metrics you choose and set detectors for only relevant changes to availability and performance. Eliminate alert storms and false-positives for good.


Breadth of Integrations

A full catalog of configured, production-ready plugins, built-in dashboards, and an open approach to sending metrics help you grow your monitoring workloads as your infrastructure evolves.

  • Scale data pipelines with a standard performant daemon
  • Aggregate CloudWatch data and use native AWS metadata
  • Monitor all Docker layers in a single dashboard
  • Send metrics from Mesos, MySQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache, Cassandra, and all the OSS in your architecture
  • Capture custom metrics from statsd or with our client libraries for your Java, Ruby, Python, Go, and Node.js code





A cloud-based monitoring solution offers flexibility to any size operation. Configuration is automatic as you scale, with no limitations due to hardware or maintenance requirements.

  • Avoid painful on-prem deployment and troubleshooting
  • Leverage the most advanced feature set to expand workloads, data sources, use cases, consumers
  • Increase metric load to any volume and frequency
  • Manage user access and administrator privileges
  • Free your team to build your app, not a metrics system


Instant Insight for Every User

SignalFx is the first solution advanced enough for power users but approachable enough to make monitoring the basis of collaboration at every point in the product lifecycle.

  • Get started with no additional query language to learn
  • Identify useful feeds with a simple search interface
  • Eliminate time to insight with high-def streaming graphs, pre-built dashboards, and a straightforward visual UI
  • Make monitoring a pillar of the code release cycle
  • Integrate existing workflows: Slack, PagerDuty, HipChat, etc.



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