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About SignalFx Training

SignalFx provides a number of learning options for you to get the most out of SignalFx. We have a catalog of interactive self-paced courses that you can take anytime for ongoing learning.  Take our instructor led training that provides hands-on coaching from our experienced instructors. Attend a class virtually or  onsite. 

Available learning options

  • Self-paced (SignalFx Training Portal): Convenient, online training. Any time. Any place.
  • Private:  Training delivered onsite or virtually dedicated to your organization


The SignalFx Fundamentals Series consists of a number of short online courses that introduce you to SignalFx. Take a look at the SignalFx Platform and data model and learn to work with operational data to visualize patterns and trends and create alerts.
View the Self-paced course catalog.

Private Classes

These courses are delivered by a SignalFx instructor onsite at your location or virtually via web conferencing. Click here for the course catalog.

Practical Monitoring Using SignalFx 

This comprehensive two-day course provides the practical applications of using the SignalFx platform.   More…

Using the SignalFx API

This one-day course provides the foundation for you to use the SignalFx API to query metadata, and add properties and tags to dimensions and metrics. Learn to automate bulk actions such as the creation of  charts, dashboards, and alerts.  More …

SignalFx Jumpstart

This set of courses is delivered virtually and provides the support for you and your organization to leverage the most of the SignalFx platform. Onboard your team efficiently by learning the core skills for monitoring your environment. 
More …

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