Host & Container Navigator 

Knowing where to start is a common hurdle to modern monitoring. A real-time heatmap of host and container status is the starting point to explore advanced monitoring and alerting

  • Remove the complexity of visualizing cloud infrastructure, from hosts to VMs to Docker containers to AWS instances
  • Color by CPU, memory, disk, network, or alert severity
  • Filter and group across dimensions for troubleshooting
  • Narrow the area of investigation for ad hoc exploration


Host Nav screenshot

Rec Detectors screenshot

Recommended Detectors 

Setting alert thresholds can be a painful game of trial-and-error. Easily find relevant alerts for all your service and infrastructure metrics, pre-packaged and tailored to your architecture.

  • Choose from a menu of Built-in Detectors and other detectors previously created by your team
  • Take advantage of alerting best practices
  • Shorten time to insight for all users and data sources


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