Bridge the Gap from Monitoring Servers to Services

Knowing where to start is a common hurdle to a modern monitoring strategy. Ops and infra teams often struggle with the transition from a node-centric view to a complete service-level understanding of performance. Host & Container Navigator is the bridge between legacy health checks and today’s metrics-oriented analytics.

Host Navigator Animation

An Instant Snapshot 

A real-time heatmap of host and container status serves as the starting point to explore more advanced monitoring and alerting workflows. See your entire infrastructure in a single view.


Host Navigator

Outlier Detection


Outlier Detection

Host & Container Navigator provides immediate insight into any statistically significant anomalous behavior, relative to the rest of the population, whether hosted or ephemeral, in any given view.

  • Evaluate deviation from the mean or the median
  • Pinpoint uncharacteristic behavior prior to any issue
  • Find the most likely source of a problem to start triaging fast
  • Spot anomalies relative to historical data (coming soon)

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