SignalFlow Streaming and Historical Analytics

SignalFlow is the engine at the heart of SignalFx, performing analytics as data streams from your systems and visualizing those metrics as real-time dynamic charts. For the first time, you can see how events affect performance in aggregate to know if a change is normal, an anomaly, part of a trend, or a threat to availability. 

Analytics at Your Service

A comprehensive library of math functions lets every user observe and compare the output of custom analytics pipelines via an intuitive user interface and self-service dashboards.

  • Compute sum, percentile, min and max, moving average, growth rate, standard deviation, and more with flexibility
  • Answer hard questions without writing code 
  • Discover and drill down into custom metric streams
  • Correlate disparate metrics for deep ops insights


Analytics at Your Service

Streaming Analytics

Every Second Counts

SignalFx uniquely transforms and aggregates metrics at both read- and write-time so you can always interact with your data in real time—when it matters most.


Data Science Democratized

Multidimensionality gives you more control to model your time series data down to the host, device, or any other unit of relevance. Then aggregate against any mix of properties.

  • Filter and group data with complete control
  • Explore your data on an ad hoc basis by region, role, etc.
  • Scale up specificity without complicating the metadata
  • Add thousands of dimensions with no strain to the system
  • Dive into advanced use cases like business impact correlation, pattern recognition, and capacity modeling


Advanced Analytics

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